cultural PTSD

I've never had anxiety but I imagine it would besimilar to this feeling that consumed me as I walked up to the grocery store and then stopped because the only thought running through my mind was 'is today the day that I'll be shot'feeling forced to look my kids in the eyesand tell them sugar... Continue Reading →

5 Shows You Should Watch If You 🤎’d Insecure

Admittedly, I don't think there will ever be a show that will top Insecure for me - and that's mainly because I literally had my season of growth with Issa Rae - but there have been some shows I've discovered over the last couple of years that come close to giving me those same feelings... Continue Reading →

Cami x Sage x $10k Challenge x

From the moment I laid eyes on the colors and the art riddled among the pages of The $10k Challenge, I knew it was something that BIPOC-LGBTQIA+ people needed to see. To have black women of all colors and identifiers represented in this book geared towards our financial wealth and health is a huge win... Continue Reading →

Meet the Writer

hey, I'm Lyn! First and foremost, I'm so glad you're here! Building and strengthening connections with creatives around the world has been an absolute thrill over the last and, as I step into this new endeavor, I am excited for what the future holds. If you've been here with me since I launched eclectic, I... Continue Reading →

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