“go in there with the confidence of an incredibly average white man”

There is an abundance of reasons to love miss Aisha Dee. For me, it started when I saw her in the bold type last year. As I sipped my morning tea and reflected on how life has been going so far this year, it hit me that the woman I admire and the role she played in The Bold Type has shaped the life I’ve been building for myself since last fall. I admire the women who play iconic and inspirational roles for BIPOC-LGBTQIA+ people around the world, the women that show us we have always been great. We have always been able. We have always been worthy of the lives we want and that nothing can stop us once our minds and our hearts are made up. If there’s nothing else you take from this month, from these phenomenal women that have paved the way for us, remember this: we are resilient in the face of adversity! We continue to rise, build, and grow – history didn’t change that and that’s why the future is ours.

*the title is one of my favorite quotes from The Bold Type – because, let’s be honest, so many of them are overly confident because they believe they are entitled to any and everything. Be that confident, more often than not we’ve worked 1000x harder and still feel lesser than. That stops today.

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