Happy Women’s History Month!

Stepping into this new month, I hope the last 28 days were filled with growth, light, and love! March is a celebration of women throughout our history that have helped shape the foundation our excellence is built on. Over the next 31 days, we will pay homage and honor the beautiful black and brown women that have opened up the endless amount of possibilities for us.


Over the next four weeks, we will celebrate past and present women doing their part to make a change, and explore the ways they shape this world for future generations. With spotlights featuring bookstagrammer and librarian- Hawa Jalloh, author- Devin, and seamstress extraordinaire, Domonique Janaya, you won’t want to miss the talent showcased this month.

We will also be highlighting Lucille Clifton, Elizabeth Keckley, and Catherine Latimer – three phenomenal women who were some of the first to make tremendous strides for women all around the world.

Let’s get lifted and make the most of this new month!

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