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Who is Bri Stokes:

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Bri is a true product of her environment – a beautiful amalgam of the spirited single mother and effervescent grandparents that raised and helped mold her into the woman she strives to be every day.

For as long as she can remember, Bri has been full of stories she is eager to share with the world. As a young child, she would illustrate and articulate her ideas, and her grandmother would write them out and staple it all together to make a book. As an adult emerging from a years-long bout of depression, she writes away her inhibitions and finds strength in her words and the art of other creatives in all mediums. One of her greatest inspirations, aside from the man and women who continue to influence her, is writer and essayist Anais Nin.

I think I might have emerged from the womb as a writer! It’s the only thing about myself that I’ve ever truly been certain of.

bri stokes

Like many of us, one thing that COVID forced us to do was take a deep look at ourselves and take the first steps towards recovery and healing. Bri experienced an intense spiritual awakening that pushed her to address her trauma and pull herself out of the dark, stagnant place she’d been in for far too long. She looked for guidance in ancient practices and ideologies, determined to find way to realign herself with her heart and vulnerability. The answer to everything she was searching came when she stumbled across a job bulletin for Hecate on twitter, a publication that seemed to embody she was learning and actively implementing in her life. Bri knew it was where she was meant to go next – it was kismet.

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“The Divine Feminine is the essence of introspection. It is liminality. It is both mysterious and magnetic, and that’s exactly how I’d characterize the phenomenal work produced at Hecate – you can feel Her in every single piece of art we publish.”

Hecate is a journal and bi-annual anthology run by its talented founder and editor in chief, Tahlia McKinnon, alongside an amazing international team of artists. The magazine, named after the goddess of magick and crossroads, showcase titillating creatives that honor its namesake.

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Joining Hecate as a social media editor was an amazing opportunity Bri was eager to dive into and, now that she’s moved onto the editing team, there is so much more to look forward to. Preparing for their upcoming publication, DEVOTION, in her new position has allowed her to interact and connect with readers and contributors on a different level. Admittedly, she confessed that reading the work of so many talented creatives has strengthened and inspired her to challenge the bounds of her own creativity.

Being a part of Hecate stirred something in Bri that has branched out into many aspects of her life. Now that her spirit has awakened, she feels like she has a second chance to learn about herself and the world around on a deeper level.

“Overall, I feel like I’m only just beginning…”

Bri Stokes

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