x Dreia x Mpenzi Tundae Doula x

Healthcare professionals are some of the most heroic and essential individuals across the world, but it is no secret that black and brown people are at a disadvantage when it comes to the level of care provided to us. Every moment from the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat through pregnancy, childbirth, and the time that follows should be managed intimately from start to finish – let Mpenzi Tundae handle your birthing experience with tender loving care.

Founder Shindreia Chase has been destined for this calling from her early childhood years. She spent most of her free time watching anything baby, birth, and mom-related on TLC, leaving her mother fascinated by her desire to be something she had never really seen before. Shindreia went on to obtain her B.S. in Biology from Virginia State University, attaining certification in childbirth, lactation, postpartum care, and lamaze. In 2020, after years of working closely with autistic children in the Baltimore area, she went back to further her training and certification to serve her community as a Virtual Full Spectrum Doula.

“Regaining and realigning with the natural flow and power of the circle of life.”

– Shindoula

Every single person in this world has a purpose, for Shindreia, that purpose is Mpenzi Tundae Doula Care. To see someone bring their dreams to fruition is a beautiful thing; it is especially inspiring when you learn about the obstacles that could have stopped them on their journey, and realize the strength that kept them going. One of the most discouraging and encouraging moments on her path was hearing a professor tell her, “You will never get into medical school, black women don’t belong there!“. For many of us, myself included, those words would have smothered any desire to continue the journey – but Shindreia’s strength! For her, the words lit a fire inside that will never be extinguished, and continue to lead her to all the things that are meant for her in this life.

“It is here, where we listen and honor the choice of women. It is here were we love and connect spiritually. The gift of life is the most eye opening, earth shattering, & core shaking experience, and it is an honor to be of support.

– shindoula

Looking forward, Shindreia will continue to bring a personalized and ancestral experience to mothers and families in the Baltimore area. With talks of expanding Mpenzi Tundae LLC into a wellness brand and opening a wellness center and hub in the city where her passions and dreams are rooted, there is so much to look forward to from this woman. She is someone who takes the love that surrounds her and puts it back into the world tenfold, honoring her ancestors and the two beautiful women whose support never faltered.

My mother, Beverly Ann Murdock, known as “Tundae” and my dear friend and supporter of my doula journey Korryn S. Gaines. continue to guide and protect me on this journey

There’s not a single doubt, every day you make them proud ❤

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