Cami x Sage x $10k Challenge x

From the moment I laid eyes on the colors and the art riddled among the pages of The $10k Challenge, I knew it was something that BIPOC-LGBTQIA+ people needed to see. To have black women of all colors and identifiers represented in this book geared towards our financial wealth and health is a huge win for our community. With so many finance books on the market littered with gatekeeping jargin that make them hard to follow, author, Cami, wanted to create a financial guidebook for black women by a black woman.

The Mission:

“Reduce the wealthy gap between women and men and, more specifically, between black woman and everyone else”

What makes this project even more special is the friendship that was rekindled during the publication process. Finding someone that shared her vision was tough, but after going through four artists, Cami found her partner and reconnected with long time friend and graphic designer/artist, Sage – the rest is history.

The $10k Challenge isn’t the first time Cami has dabbled in writing, once upon a time, she had a blog called Cami’s Corner where she connected with people from all over the world. Cami admits, ‘that was my first time putting something out there, but this, this was a different level, this was not just a blog’. For Sage, The $10k Challenge also holds an overwhelming significance as well, being the biggest project they’ve worked on so far.

Their passion for cultural and gender representation isn’t the only thing that these two creatives share; both Cami and Sage attended Broward College where Sage contributes to P’an Ku, the school’s award-winning literary and arts magazine.

College is almost always a place of discovery and, for Sage, that path led them to graphic design. With an archive of signed art dating back to their early childhood, Sage has always allowed his passion to shine through his work. Even though he took his first steps towards graphic design in high school, college provided them a deeper connection to that path and introduced them to book/magazine design and illustration. Looking forward, whether it’s teaching, tutoring or freelancing for projects similar to The $10k Challenge, creative arts will be a staple in all of Sage’s future endeavors.

The knowledge bestowed to readers in this book is so important because more often than not we don’t get the financial guidance we need until we are well into adulthood. Now, from a working age, young adults have the tools they require to set foundations and prepare themselves for life in the real world. What’s even greater is that this isn’t the end of Cami and Sage’s journey- there is so much left to come. In the future, there may even be financial literature for children that touch on the topics of saving and the value of the dollar.

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